17 décembre, 2005


as to why the us might be interested to bomb iran next march (2006)

lots of noise about iran these days, and an iranian president looking to generate his own... Even ariel warns us of the planned schedule...

nevertheless, even before the iranian president was elected, they were numerous signs the us might want to rush into iran.

now, as to the real reason behind it, it is still little discussed. some claim the us will make a case of the nuclear ambitions of iran. this is clearly the excuse for it all. the real reason being still conceiled to the large public.

actually, the reason for it all may be very similar to the real reason for invading irak in 2003.

saddam had been quiet for nearly a decade before war loomed again in 2003. why is that ? what could have triggered the new war ? the 2 buildings in manhattan ? hardly so, since saddam had no real involvement in it, as is proven now. WMD ? of course not. there aren't any.

no. in 2001, saddam claimed he would sell its oil as part of the oil for food program, in euro only from then on. not long later was he invaded for the second time.

now, what does this have to do with iran, one may ask. well.
the bourse of paris concluded an agreement early this year (2005) to set up in collaboration with teheran an oil trade platform in form of an iranian oil exchange market bound to sell its in oil against euro only. the exchange market is due to open in march 2006. china and russia have already shown interest to divert their usd spendings to euro spendings in the future.

more so, this is the first time the oil barrel of crude will be available in another currency than the usd in a significant form. this is a major blow to the usd, and accessorily a significant win for the euro

see how the sco, an organisation including all states involved, are trying to influence the outcome of escalation through intimidation, adding their own, of some sort

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