30 décembre, 2005


how about ghosting george ?

well, up until now you could be fired, from your job for example, or you could be busted, for speeding or worse, you could be sentenced, jailed etc, executed in the us, still, but i did not think you could get ghosted by the us cabal...george, dick and ronny

well well well, things have grown dark on the side of the us demofarcy

watching this doubled us presidency from europe is like watching the lords of the rings remake unfold in a reality show ... step by step the empire of evil is taking its grasps in our daily world. where is freudon ? who has the ring ?

the us juridical system seems incapable to cope with the media, judges seem too happy to fire at the flares

the us politics seems entangled between hegemonies and successorship, a feudal system blinded by interest

how can a gang of four kidnap several populations, kill thousands of people, mostly non armed and get so fatly rich doing so through such a system ?

and still, explain most of it bluntly on tv hour after hour again to a lobotomised population : yes, we lied, then, now, and will probably tomorrow, because our secret duty asks us to do so and so on and so forth. why do you buy it ?

in my country a politician arguing this way would be fired on the spot. no discussion. but in my country, politician are mainly elected by the people.

guys, ghost george !

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