20 décembre, 2005


when will european mainstream media family finally speak aloud about iraq ?

I read the news daily, and daily I see them adding up, and I know the skillful blogger at informationclearinghouse does his best to gather the information he can gather, in english.

news available in arabic relates of another reality still, and another level of atrocities.

and somehow, do not ask me why, I feel that it is not propaganda, firstly so because national main stream arabic news unanimously rejects violence in irak, from whatever source. they account of atrocities they can report, when their journalist make it back from hell

the bodies pile up daily, and a journalist in irak is a rarity, especially international reporters

each "operation" brings its loads of victims unaccounted for anywhere in the press hereabout.

and then there are the salvadorian-iraki police special squads roaming around and LIQUIDATING political, financial, family enemies.

the us troops claim they do not master these guys. they are not the ones under their control, but groups of guys, using similar non-uniform cheap overalls and definitely using iraki army/police vehicles, storm houses, kidnapp people, detain them and dispose of them eventually. smells like a cheap excuse throw to dogs, whereas we are the dogs

I include here all victims of legal and illegal weapons used, DU, and other "Air Attacks" fatalities.

who will account for that ? why is the european press mute ever since 2003, reporting only sporadic news about the biggest operations ?

when the civil liberty associations acknowledge the civil death of "around" 100'000 persons, the pentagon publicises having nailed down thousands of al qaeda fighters !!! odd numbers game. seems like a terminology issue more than a numbers issue

we cannot excuse the mainstream media, especially the publicly owned press of not paying the price to inform the reader correctly about what is happening daily in irak now, how life is, what is about the freedom of women, how about electricity and water ? where does the oil go ? who sells it to whom ? where are the billions of iraki tresor when seized ? who kills who, who orders what, who pays whom?

how can the european media remain on passive mode?

i know of a journalist that had seen it all, went everywhere hot, bosnia, ruanda, malawi, soudan, nicaragua, then, also went to irak. hotel palestine. 3 weeks, when it was still cool in the green zone, in 2004.

he returned.

when he returned he took the longest leave ever in his reporters live and asked not to be send out anymore, but to do his job from his desk. he is still young. now takes pills but can talk about his experience if asked.

so i ask, if the journalists report to the editors what it is all about, why do they not print it ? why do we have to relay on arabic, indian or chinese english reports for more or less objective news of what is really happening in irak ?

european press, you owe us that, please print news fit to read.

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