25 janvier, 2006


cia prisons: control ? just bury them (and do the paperwork)

hey dickie, it's official, and legal now... as they become a treat to us security, bring them under and do the paperwork...


i see where you are going, now ok, the fact that it is not them but their status as prisoner that's the threat to our security...

no, not that. what I mean is...

well anyway. get rid of them, bury them, wherever they are, Angola, Morroco, Mauritania, Ouganda, Iraq, Bulgaria, Poland, Germany, Guantanamo, Uzbekisthan, Timor, Philippines, wherever ...

then, do the paperwork and the security threat disappears. that's that simple dickie, no need to move them around and leave behind ambuiguous flight plans.
just do the paperwork...

BTW, it is more convenient and less expensive.
do the paperwork and then we can switch the yellow bulb back on again !

that's ok with me, georgie, really. I build this plan...
what i mean is, what do we do with those we ghosted ?

yeah right, those we ghosted?
hum, let me think a sec. i would say... nay. well, why not ? yeeah.
let's ghost them for good, no paperwork to do here

that's a great idea, thanks georgie

thanks dickie. i know. that's why I am the President... and you're the vice

more about cia prisons and dick marti report

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