31 janvier, 2006


for the swiss in you: swisscom, or the plot from within

swisscom is about to be sold to the private sector

the most promising swiss state company in 2005.

generating 1.4 billion net profit for the state in 2005 only.

this was simply too much profits for the right wing plotters.
that should land in their own pockets.

well, swisscom, not 60 days after press leak destabilisation, is to be sold to the private sector, because the "state can only mismanage" claim right wing swiss politician christoph blocher and friends like claude ruey.

with this in mind, i would like to remind about an article of swissinfo news concerning the plan blocher, the whistle blower, had setup to steal swisscom from the state and deliver it "clef en main" to some foreign investor, either friend of his or of his banker.

swiss governement strategical internal discussions about swisscom in 2006 where jeopardized at the moment the minister of justice and police, Christoph Blocher, whistle blowed to the press about certain plans discussed in the government stables, early december 2005.

the article directly discredited the governement representative of the telecomm sector. the right wing then hammered for weeks about how the state was mismanaging swisscom, completely obscuring the fact that for years it stands as proof for state managed competitive enterprise, succesfull both in the delivery methods as well as added value brought to the services offered.

the minister of communications and his aide told the public minister of confederation (a public abritation tribunal for governemental affairs) about the leak and public ministry should have started an investigation.

now the request for investigation was stopped by the justice and police departement, headed bY: the whislte blower ! christoph blocher ! welcome to swiss politics...

swiss people who travel know swiss phone have the best quality around, better than japan better than us, not speaking of french or uk system. best voice quality, best reliability. good services. i am not been chauvinistic here. just facts.
for ever since.

but now comes these politicians, christoph blocher, claude ruey, and claim we should sell the faster the better.

maybe they have not been around enough to value the assets they hold.

or i more suspect they will gain more personal assets than they currently have when they sell off that public asset.

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