01 janvier, 2006


the growler rip off, carolina growler web archive

here for the new year rip off, the growler 87.5K rip off a piece...

the actual website is down for maintenance. convenient when the storms hits, what do you think ?

here the old web site of carolina growler and co, from the 90's.

and then, beginning of 2003, the website changes and becomes a new web site, a new company, a new product with a new customer : the us army (and at least one other south american military sub contract mentionned on cnn article).

I suspect the company also got a new member on board around that time, but that is not on the website. anybody with that info is welcome to call in.

then cnn gets into the wind, flairs the suspicion and mentions the civil version of the vehicle, and its price tag. soft, as usual, non binding.

a deeper inquiry would do good, as the older website of the company seems to sell the same refurbish kit as the new company. see the wolferine model

the website looks more expensive. true. that is maybe where your buck is gone, in case you asked yourself ;-) keep cool man !

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