31 janvier, 2006


US Army forces 50,000 soldiers into extended duty

you've probably all seen this article by now...

to me, with iran in sight, i would say this means DRAFT for us fresh youngsters within a year.

or, or, the very creatively allocated "outsourcing defense" budget may directly buy the us armies of other nations?

not "allies", like the ones you had, paper allies, that bring 500 troops, and run away when it turns ugly. real mercenary national armies that could be bought, like for example ? Indonesia, Burma, Pakistan, Ouganda ? the bets are open.

personally, i do not thing buying national armies will ramp up fast enough for the needs.

i would favor a theory saying the fundings will finance paramilitary bodies destabilising (*) nations perceived as threatening (**) to the us government. this theory would also claim DRAFT is on next year in the us.

everybody tried a bit of caesar sim on windows 95 ? was it ? troops that you prolong duty get low morale. low morale means bad results in battle, on the field etc... to make it short. hell breaks loose. is it not all about setting expectations ?

* note the soft tone for burning, raping, torturing, dismembering, and killing
** the ones who want to remain independant and have ressources, like oil or gas

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