14 décembre, 2005


is geneva next on the list ?

investigator marty is not one of the deceivers and carries on.

as result of his investigation, the swiss governement will investigate the 3 currenlty known secret flights into switzerland by the cia planes

funnily enough, the swiss border police has staged a terrorist attack in geneva to test its reaction capacity. it is surely a good idea

first it is a good idea, even if nothing happens. in such case it should not be done too often, so not to panic the people (once every 5 years would be my intimate recommendation)

second, it is a good idea,
because whenever a public opinion has decided to defend the peace of irak or the illegality of the war staged there, (or in general the illegal doings of the us governement throughout the world for years now and with novel vivacity for a few) it has been punished by al qaeda bombings

see london or istanbul's british assets attacks, or madrid, and see the anti-war protests taking place either on the street or in parliement immediately before either in spain or in the uk

match this with the peace marchs in australia an the aussie slaughter in indonesia that took place soon after

when swiss parliementaries (representatives of the people) asks the governement to deliver full accountability over secret cia flights within a month, this is a public opinion raising up and asking a question. at governemental level

nevertheless, tomorrow, i'll take the train :-)

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