13 janvier, 2006


liar in chief wants to bomb iran, WHITEhouse on the move, the press runs behind

a few month back, bush sent his envoys showcase iranian nuclear threat to the IAEA. like powell for irak, now rice for iran ?

rice's proof is based on a "laptop". how convenient to bring it down to a laptop full of unproven evidence. i have spare laptops at home. they should call in, in case they need one when they'll out evo or hugo ... mine really looks like a used laptop...

while i do not doubt that info may be contained in a laptop, i strongly hope political entities of europe, asia and russia will require MORE proof than a few digital files to launch a nuclear war...
IAEA has not been able to confirm any information contained in the laptop. so the laptop seems to be a fake, again.

now bush meets merkel. merkel, merkel, merkel. she seems half backed only and a bit naive to things of the world.the comments about guatanamo i found good, but too weak. time will tell.
bush, master of lies, distorts "it" really and transform "it" into outright manipulation when he says " Iran armed with a nuclear weapon poses a grave threat to the security of the world" manipulating us all: iran is not armed.

pakistan is armed, israel is armed, the us is overarmed and daily abuses nuclear engagement treaties with DU in several regions outside the us, and some inside the us.

but everybody here knows iran has constantly and consequently confirmed it was not building capacities, nor did it have the capacity nor did it intend to acquire the capacity of or for creating nuclear weapons. the IAEA has confirmed this over and over again.

i find it so foul how the press and the public opinion weakens in face of useless speeches packed with rhethorical manipulations and straightout lies. the press relays the pack of lies, without investigating any deeper.

policy makes reality.
what they say is the truth, even when it is not true.

look at how biased the us media is covering irak, how they led their public opinion to believe blinded and deaf. and it goes again. it seems they do not "find" information. the information comes to them. they build a story around a speech they got invited to listen to. that is what they do all day, from speech to speech, in the us or in irak.

how many dead will it take them to impeach him ? do we think 100000 civilians dead in irak were terrorists ? this is shamefull and an outright insult to journalism.

who weights the meat, when the butcher doesn't ?

journalists that deceive by negligence should be destituted from their journalist title and hired back by the WHITEhouse.

how about looking for info, going the way out and risking your life to accomplish your duty to inform ? soldiers from all sides risk theirs daily so that you can write.

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