01 février, 2006


Qaeda's Zawahri survives U.S. strike

he serves us so well.

for those who were doubting, an old english saying says:
"the one who pays the pipe calls the tune."

let us imagine a minute al zawahri is really bush's ennemy.

he sees on cnn and on the internet how the us missed a target and killed 18 innocents. maybe he is even THERE, and escapes by chance.

then, in the days following, bush gets under nourished fire for missing targets and killing innocents through public opinion.

so, let us imagine now, you are al-zawahri, the ennemy of bush the butcher,
what do you choose to do:

A- publish a press release confirming you were at site and were missed by little, so to calm down public opinion growing angry over bush your ennemy in the us

B- you publish a press release where you stand at a pool in a cosy house in baghdad showing all the us and the world, the bush team is not even capable to locate you properly, and are just lying to the whole world about this bombing issue.

they lied about the fact that it was a fighter, they lied about the fact they were looking for zawahri, they had to tame down the noise louding up from the rear.

good chances are: the fighter was a uav, a predator B, deployed in Afghanistan and used to assassinate for some time now, piloted from some washington DC bunker or some base in the us through KuBand, VPN protected satelitte link. the uav followed so called suspects ("looking like suspects" from the air) and decided to bomb their "hideout" (a family house).

but, but, but the video freak in washington DC did not notice he had crossed borders. rules of engagement changed. houses are not just hideouts to blow, press will talk about it etc... had the house been blown a few miles east, the whole story would have gone unpublished.

for now, this story tells so much that we now know al-zawahri is on the WHITEhouse payroll...

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