13 janvier, 2006


cia prison leak confirmed and swirling: several inquiries started around europe

first, as expected, the egyptian fax intercepted has been proved authentic. the swiss governement has officialy given in the interception took place and that the document leaked is the summary of the original fax.

in switzerland 3 inquiries are now ongoing for that fax alone. ok, ok, those inquiries are only administrative inquiries to lock down the process leading to the leak. it is not an inquiry about the prisons themselves...

the political sphere in switzerland is heating up and feels, expresses, the us should respect basic "savoir vivre" and not disgress un human rights regulations. politicians in parliement have asked the governement to engage on an ethical dialogue with the us.

further, this little fax has leaked into europe, le monde wrote a nice article referring to the fact.

inquiries start in europe too.
the european parliement has started an inquiry that is due to be published in 4 month. they want to determine whether european prisons where used to torture or detain cia prisoners. this adds to the existing eu council probe ongoing, led by swiss investigator marty. his preliminary report is due 23rd of january. let us be attentive

the roumanian governement himself now started a parlementary inquiry. let us see how much an alibi inquiry it will be. romania plays here its membership in the eu.

i remind us all that the inquiry started by the swiss governement about the secret cia flights to and from those now proven real secret prisons is due for mid-january.

BTW, a new bomb alert in geneva center of television. the police caught the alerter a hour later. the motivations for his gesture have not yet been published.

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