24 janvier, 2006


cia prisons: you can move it

EU inspector dick marti denounces today the hyprocrisy of european governments on cia prisons. he claims they must have known all for several months now, same for switzerland.

he calls for the european public opinion to raise up and request action from governments. He points out that the very day he started communicating on the investigations, the European prisons were evacuated. Meaning pressure works.

he also points on the particular responsibility of Switzerland to denounce these crimes and to ask for accountability. Red cross, un etc are on Swiss ground.

therefore :-) if you want to do your good act of the day, pressure Swiss politicians to take a clear stand on the us crimes worldwide and for Switzerland to condemn us crimes at the UN assembly. Kofi annan will be first supporter.

here the mail listing:

pals, put them on Bcc only, put yourself on the to address field :

info@geroldbuehrer.ch; info@chevrier.ch; info@yveschristen.ch; info@daguet.ch; info@hildegard-faessler.ch; info@charlesfavre.ch; info@auns.ch; info@chantal-gallade.ch; info@giezi-rothrist.ch; info@jeanpaulglasson.ch; info@mayagraf.ch; info@felix-gutzwiller.ch; info@wirtschaftskammer.org; info@hegetschweiler.ch; info@bernhard-hess.ch; info@svv.ch; info@urs-hofmann.ch; info@ruth-humbel.ch; info@otto-ineichen.ch; info@robert-keller.ch; info@pierrekohler.ch; info@uelileuenberger.ch; info@doris-leuthard.ch; info@geri-mueller.ch; info@roger-nordmann.ch; info@pedrina.ch; info@rechsteiner-basel.ch; info@rennwald.ch; info@schluer.ch; info@juergstahl.ch; info@hansstoeckli.ch; info@sgv-usam.ch; info@gabyvermot.ch; info@wandfluh.com; info@weigelt.ch; info@zisyadis.com; info@simonepiney.ch; info@fetz.ch; info@erika-forster.ch; info@brunofrick.ch; info@urs-schwaller.ch; info@rolf-schweiger.ch; info@agfm.ch; info@sommaruga.ch

here my proposed text:

to the Swiss representatives of the people. about CIA prisons

Do not forget your mission and whom you serve.
do not let Swiss people be deceived by the us policy of torture and crime against humanity around the world and in europe now. denounce today us crimes at the UN and bring swiss secret services to publish all the news about illegal crimes perpetrated by other nations. as host for red cross and UN and HCR it is our duty as swiss people and government to follow strict guidelines concerning human rights and not tolerate any abuse and denounce each abuse known, as is.

Thanks. BTW, i welcome all comments for adding addresses or changing text

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